Sowore – Languishing Alone


Me, I am just pitying Sowore. He must really be feeling alone today. Common N50m and all the people following him on social media and the ones in diaspora who have been shouting his name and carrying him up cannot contribute N1,000 each and pay the money. You see when people will be calling me and be saying Duke, you no yab Buhari again, Duke you no yab Magu, Duke Buratai dey craze yab am. Me, I will be looking at them and be smiling. Yeye people, this Nigeria is just one kind. Na Ambode when I ask am one time say, why you no fight to finish and he wisely say, ‘are you sure the people will follow you to finish? Today na, Sowore don shout revolution, he don enter pit and nobody dey answer am now.

Please what is N50m even common N50m that people are using to buy I-phone for girlfriend that they cannot put together to allow this man go home and rest? I am sure after this one even he himself will rethink his strategy of trying to save the country of ungrateful people and concentrate on saving his home. This country and its people no really worth am. So my people going forward, the best way to engage government na dialogue from far. Mbok make I no laugh because this is definitely not a laughing matter. My brother Sowore, please if you comot for this one, kindly do like Reno. That one just run to America and from there be firing bazooka. Kai, the life of a revolutionary, lonely and deserted. Pele, if it was N50,000 I would have borrowed you, but N50m? That is tough on a salary of the Duke of Shomolu. Pity!