Was I pleased at the recent arrest of one internet mogul called Mompha? I must confess that before this arrest, I hadn’t heard about this one. It is the other one that has a name like that of a puppy that me I know very well.

They say he is based in Dubai and will be regaling us with pictures of his life in shameless luxury. You see the issue here is that the internet is beset by millions of impressionable and ‘lazy’ (no be me call them o) youths who really do nothing but troll the internet for effective release from the pressures of seeking a befitting life. Or how do you explain over 50 million people voting for a group of laid back and non-driven youths sequestered in a house boosted by alcohol and encouraged to behave badly? It is on these platforms that these ‘moguls’ flaunt ill-gotten wealth and hedonistic lifestyles that tell our youths that yes you do not have to work hard to ‘make it’. T

hey remain gullible and swallow these lessons wholeheartedly and begin to want to be like their ‘heroes’. If you read the comments on social media after this particular arrest and then juxtapose them with the fact that the youth are the leaders of tomorrow, you will begin to realize that this our generation is not really a wasted one as Soyinka said but that their own will lead this nation into Golgotha.

Mbok, EFCC you owe this generation and indeed future generations to work within the ambit of the law in curbing this malaise by bringing all these hollow titans to book. Maybe their arrest and conviction would serve as a deterrent and a check on the rest. Now Magu listen carefully o, it’s not because I have given you support that you will now start running around like cowboy and be arresting every slay queen you see on the phone o. Let’s be methodical, follow the rule of law and save this country.