Iyiola Olatokunbo Brimming Passion for Education

In the bid to remain ahead of her contemporary, Grace School, under the supervision of Ma, as she is fondly called, partnered with international institution to introduce basic foreign language such as Chinese.
The school is also one of the leading institutions with a well-built structure that encourages intellectual games and Tech training such as Chess, Coding.
This is why the students, who graduate or go through the school in their academic journey is always outstanding in their chosen areas of profession.
She has extensive experience with assessments that are transparent and inform evaluations. She has created, modified, and established the technical adequacy of literacy, attention, and affective instruments in multiple languages. Her literacy interventions, designed for Grace Schools, include teacher and student materials, training, supportive technology and measures of fidelity.
Mrs. Edun had introduced Etiquette to the Curriculum for the past 21 years, long before the Ministry of Education began to launch a campaign for moral inclusion in the academic curriculum.
Mrs. Edun has succeeded remarkably in taking a twentieth century school as she was given by the founder Grace Bisola Oshinowo who founded the School in 1968 and turned it to a Microsoft Show Case School. They bagged the First British Council Award from 2014- 2017, and from 2018-2021, as a twenty-first-century school.
As the CEO and administrator, Mrs. Edun has greatly helped modernise the school from a 1960’s school to a 21st Century school over the years.
Introduced various subjects, not in the Nigerian curriculum such as Etiquette, Chinese, Chess, Scrabble, Drama Dance etc. This is because she believes that any child who attends Grace Schools should be able to fit in effortlessly anywhere they might find themselves in the world, despite the fact that Nigeria is considered a third world country.
Most students in Grace Schools can play at least one musical instrument, with some being able to play three or four.
Apart from learning Chinese, which starts from Nursery 2 to the Senior Secondary classes, Students in Grace Schools are encouraged to take the Chinese language exams. 14 years ago, she Introduced Scholarships for indigent students, so that smart children from less privileged backgrounds can also attend Grace Schools free of charge.
Edun believes that you can judge people and Nations by the way they treat the most vulnerable people in the society, i.e women, children, the poor, the sick and less privileged.
She has also facilitated a Partnership between Grace Schools, Loyalist College of Applied Arts and Technology, Belleville Ontario Canada.
Mrs. Iyiola Olatokunbo Edun is the administrator of the foremost citadel of learning in Lagos State, Grace Schools. And the erudite woman has been working at the schools for 35 years. She started from the base and rose through the ranks despite the fact that she is a daughter to the founder, Mrs. Grace Bisola Oshinowo of blessed memory. Grace Schools against all odds clocked 50 years of its existence recently.