Former US President Carter Suffers Minor Fracture in Fall at Home

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter waves to the congregation after teaching Sunday school at Maranatha Baptist Church in his hometown of Plains, Georgia on April 28, 2019. Carter, 94, has taught Sunday school at the church on a regular basis since leaving the White House in 1981, drawing hundreds of visitors who arrive hours before the 10:00 am lesson in order to get a seat and have a photograph taken with the former President and former First Lady Rosalynn Carter. (Photo by Paul Hennessy/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter suffered a pelvic fracture after a second fall this month, the Carter Centre on Tuesday said.

Carter, 95, fell on Monday in his home in Plains, Georgia, his non-profit organisation said in a tweet.

Carter was admitted to hospital for observation and treatment of what the centre said was a minor pelvic fracture.

The former president was “in good spirits and is looking forward to recovering at home,” the tweet said.

Carter was slightly injured in the fall earlier this month and required stitches above his eyebrow.

Shortly afterwards, Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, 92, returned to their work volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, a nationwide charity that builds and repairs homes for needy people.

Carter also had a bad fall earlier this year, breaking his hip in May as he prepared to go turkey hunting. That mishap resulted in hip replacement surgery.

The resilient Carter – the longest-lived U.S. president – is also a cancer survivor, having been successfully treated for brain cancer that was diagnosed in 2015.

Carter, a Democrat, was president from 1977 to 1981.
After his single term in office he began working on human rights matters worldwide and in 2002 received the Nobel Peace Prize for his humanitarian works. (dpa/NAN)