Expert Harps on Human Capital Development in Oil Sector


Ugo Aliogo

The Summit Director, Africa Oil and Gas Talent Summit (AOGTS) Emmanuel Emielu, has stressed the need for enhanced investment in human capital in the oil and gas sector.

Emielu, stated this in Lagos during a media briefing on the annual Pan- African meeting of oil and gas business and human resources leaders to take place in Lagos, from October 30th to 31st.

According to Emielu, “The abundance of people does not necessarily mean availability of human capital. It is therefore no surprise, that Africa’s oil sector is heavily challenged with the human capacity, skills and expertise to deliver the needed innovation, agility and creativity, this why the focus for this year’s event is on how to expedite the transformation of Africa’s abundant people into abundant human capital, for a sustainable Africa oil and gas sector.

“In Nigeria, investments in education are very low by the various administrations compared to investments in other sectors. There is need for government to do more to invest in education. We know the nature of our school system today. “There is so much desire for people to go private schools because the public schools are neglected. A lot of the people, who are not able to make it to private schools, are in the public schools that have depleted facilities and these persons make a large number of our human capital.”

Emielu further stated that Africa Oil and Gas Talent Summit (AOGTS) was established in 2015, to provide a platform for prioritising the human capital discourse in Africa’s oil and gas industry.

He explained that as a necessary complement to the other events focused on technology, policy and finance, it is people that put technology, policy, and finance to work.