Aisha Buhari

This thing no matter what it is must be very painful and itis not today that this thing has started. All that time you have been shouting about the cabal and that the President does not even know the people surrounding him – na the thing dey annoy you. But you must remember that at all times, boys will be boys no matter the age and status. Look, tall, skinny boys with power and a good sense of humor are a babe magnet.

I even know one sleek sweetie here in Lagos that has a major crush for Bubu and that one if given the opportunity will not do fake marriage that will not hold o. You see, we in Shomolu have come to the conclusion that there is no smoke without fire. All these rumours about fake marriage or otherwise or whatever must have some elements that is annoying you. Please, mummy remember the first love.

Let me beg you the way they use to beg Duchess anytime she catch me which used to be weekly. Please mummy, no matter what uncle Bubu has done to you, please forgive. We are all on our knees, he needs to concentrate o. Inflation has gone up to 11.24%, maybe na all these domestic up heavals that is making him travel all over the world in search of peace.

He even go South Africa go ‘beg’ people wey dey kill us. You see, what I am saying? Please remember that you are the Mother of the Nation. You are the one that sees him in his most vulnerable; you are the one that puts salt in his kunu or whatever it is you put in the kunu. Please na beg, let’s have peace.Those your statements are usually very pungent and hard hitting. Enough to distract the man. That is why some of us are considering ‘illiterate wives’instead of ones with this kind your Master’s degree because you are waging a merciless, psychological war which is very devastating in its effect.

There is nothing more terrible than a woman that is this annoyed. This is one fight Bubu as Commander in Chief cannot send troops or even his very effective DSS. He has to just humble himself and sit you down and look into your beautiful eyes and say, ‘mummy, I am sorry’. Please mummy anytime you are in Lagos, please come to Shomolu and let me take you through the joys of Afang and how to cook it so that you can calm down. Don’t vex again, you know we are for you. God bless you ma as you consider our appeal. Thank you.