Thinking FG’s Travel Advice

Muhammadu Buhar

In what was described as a cost-saving initiative, President Muhammadu Buhari, in the week, issued a travel advice to his ministers and other categories of officials, which included reduction in the number and duration of their foreign trips.

The President also removed travel allowances known as estacode; cut down on the number of persons permitted to travel with them; approved the use of business class for ministers and economy class for lower categories of government officials and instructed that such trips must be sought through the office of the SGF or Head of the Civil Service of the Federation.

Well, that sounded like coming a little too late but better late than never. Importantly, however, is that the president must lead by example. All the instructions issued to his ministers and others apply more to him.

For a president who hugs virtually every foreign invitation and travels almost with a whole community, including frequenting foreign hospitals for health checks, he needs the travel advice more than anyone else and should honestly advise himself.