Queen of Sheba, Tina Ogundoyin’s Epiphany


Every mother would agree to the following quote: ‘children make one’s life delicious, especially when they are doing well in their chosen career.’ It is no wonder, the woman of substance, Chief (Mrs) Tina Ogundoyin, the copacetic and radiant wife of the late Eruwa, Oyo State billionaire and philanthropist, Chief Adeseun Ogundoyin, is still swimming in boundless and limitless joy. The reason is not far-fetched. Her son, Debo, at the age of 32, is the speaker of the vibrant Oyo State House of Assembly.

Becoming the speaker of one of the largest states in Nigeria at such a tender age would bring any mother to the realm of euphoria. Debo is a distinguished lawmaker representing Ibarapa East Constituency in the Oyo State House of Assembly, under the umbrella of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP. He emerged the speaker of the Oyo House on the 10th of June 2019, after a keenly contested but swift election. He is the youngest individual ever to have occupied that decorated office in the South West geographical zone, and indeed, in Nigeria as a whole; a rare feat in this clime for someone of his age

It wasn’t a smooth journey though for Tina, after her husband’s death in 1991, when Debo her son, was barely three years old, just as her other children were equally young. She took her time, although tediously, to nurture all her children, making their success her utmost priority. However shaken by the clouds that surrounded her then, her status as the queen remained unshaken. She was labelled the unofficial empress of the Ibadan social scene. Usually garbed in a very expensive lace fabrics, gleefully complemented with expensive jewelry and other accessories.

Tina Ogundoyin ruled the Ibadan social scene with gait, leading all the way from one high class gig to another. As the years grow further, Tina resigns from the stage while the ovation was booming louder. She reduced her frequent appearance on the social scene, and many kept wondering what could have been happening to her. Against all permutations, she attended events less, preferring to stand back and watch with amusement, as younger ladies strived to claim the crown she left behind.

With the rousing and unprecedented emergence of her son, Rt. Hon. Deji Ogundoyin, it appears the Queen of Sheba has found every reason to make a big comeback to the scene, which is her usual terrain; but that aspect of her life is still a matter of conjecture, as she went back to her shell shortly after the swearing-in of her son.
Vivacious and charming Tina, who is now ageing gracefully, has not lost any inch of her elegant beauty. Has Tina Ogundoyin got her vibe back? The coming days will answer this probing question. One thing is true: her interest for the center stage of big social activities — a place where she eminently belonged before the unplanned hiatus — will always remain evergreen.