500 Widows Empowered by Honeybols

500 Widows... Some of the beneficiaries

In a bid to eradicate poverty and increase standard of living, Honeybols Foundation recently empowered over 500 widows and gave university scholarship to 10 students at its fourth edition of ‘giving hands arena’ in Lagos.

Speaking at the event, The Founder, Christ The Ever Present Ministry, Dr. Elishama Ideh, urged Nigerians to develop the habit of giving to the less privileged and establishing them to be self-sufficient.

She added: “I thank God I’m one of the privileged few widows, the greatest challenge of a widow is lack of help, and have something to do that can sustain them financially.

“At Honeybols Foundation, we try to bring people together, show them love and to help them in a little way we can, by so doing it will impact the society into a great extent.

“If we don’t give, the whole society suffers because these people once we don’t help them or their children, they will be out there on the street and be the one that will trouble you and I tomorrow.”

According to the convener, Honeybols Foundation, Mrs. Akinfolajimi Adebimpe, she stated that the importance of giving as a Christian is because it’s a divine mandate from God.

“We want to touch lives and lives were touched. I’m so happy because that is the primary aim of this foundation, to meet people at the point of their needs. We are not God but the little we can do materially, we try to do it and I’m so happy that people were touched.

“We gave scholarships to students to university level, we have never done it before. When we were planning this fourth edition, God said to me ‘reach out to fatherless kids through their education’ as an additional feature to what we have been doing.”

In her remarks, Nollywood actress, Jaiye Kuti, advised the empowered widows to utilise the empowerment given them, and set a self goal, noting that by so doing, Honeybols Foundation would be motivated to do more.