Rensource Engages Female Engineers


Rensource Distributed Energy Limited has welcomed a set of new female electrical and electronics engineers into its fold. The new employees were the highest performers in a competency test administered by the company, from the pool of over 300 applications received.

The engagement of the engineers was preceded by a rigorous recruitment process which saw them writing aptitude test, undergoing group interviews and one-on-one interviews with the recruiting manager.

The Chief Operating Officer, Rensource, Mrs. Anu Adasolum, while welcoming the engineers to the company in Lagos recently, noted that the decision of the company to specifically target female engineers in its latest recruitment exercise was part of the company’s policy to further entrench its belief of workplace diversity.

She said the era of some jobs being the exclusive preserve of men was gone, especially as women have proven they have same competence to function in similar capacity as their male counterparts when given the opportunity. Adasolum, advised that organisations need to take deliberate steps towards upturning the difficulties female engineers face in securing jobs that they are eminently qualified for.

“Rensource is committed to deepening the knowledge and growth of solar energy in Nigeria as these newly recruited female engineers will undergo rigorous training that covers all aspects of Rensource business and give them a better understanding of how the business operates, its model, their roles and company’s expectation from them.

“One of the new female engineers, Yeside Dipo- Salami speaking on her decision to join Rensource Distributed Energy stated that “I am excited at the new challenges this new role offers and I’m motivated to doing and giving my best,” she said.