Schneider Pledges to Support Discos on Manpower Development


Ugo Aliogo
Schneider Electric has expressed its commitment to support the power Distribution Companies (Discos) in the area of technical skills.
This, is to ensure that the Discos meet basic KIP (Key Performance Index) in order to drive reduction in the number of power interruptions that the country is experiencing as regards to maintenance.

The company explained that it has an understanding of the challenges the Discos presently face, adding that close collaboration with the Discos would be key in addressing the challenge.
Speaking at the Innovation Day Lagos 2019 summit held recently, the Head Offer Marketing and Business Development, Schneider Electric, Ifeanyi Odoh, said in Nigeria, more than 60 per cent of the population was still living very far from the grid.

He stated that what the company had always done in addition to trying to connect those in the grid connected areas was in making sure the quality of power distribution was efficient and reliable.

He explained that presently the company works with different developers, local players and industries to develop hybrid and off-grid solutions to provide affordable energy to those that are completely off-grid.

According to him, “We started off on our own to include lots of local players and train them, and many of these communities are going to different communities across the country and making autonomous power generations and distributing to power various communities, so that power becomes available to these communities. Today, they are enjoying 24-hours operation.”

Also speaking at the event, the Head Buildings Business, Schneider Electric, Mojola Ola, said regarding the issue of public private partnership (PPP), the model of Schneider electric was to work with partners, adding that it was the duty of government to create the right polices and frameworks that would encourage the local economy to strive.

“We want government to ensure that this knowledge that is being transferred is done in the right environment,” he noted.
He further said the greatest competition the company faces is from Europe and Asia, where a large number of assembled products come from, stating that those products could be assembled in Nigeria.

According to him, the role of Schneider Electric as a private sector partner was to ensure that the right framework for knowledge transfer is done.
“But we want the government to create the right environment to enables the implementation of some of these things we are putting in place,” he added.