NIOB Advocates Good Safety, Health, Environment Systems for Construction Professionals


Fadekemi Ajakaiye

The Nigerian Institute of Builders, NIOB, Lagos Chapter, advocates safety, health and environment for construction site managers.

Speaking during a 4- day training, held recently in Lagos at the NIOB (Lagos State Chapter) conference room in Surulere, Builder Adelaja Adekambi, Chairman NIOB, Lagos Chapter stated that the Institute focuses on happenings at site, especially safeguarding lives and property.

There had been much training embarked upon by this chapter, but this year, we are partnering with the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health UK, IOSH, to organise this 4-day training for its members, he said.

Notably, NIOB is saddled with the responsibility of registering artisans in Nigeria by N-Power, we ensure that artisans get qualified. We are also building an artisan database.

Builder Prof Martin Dada, a member of the chapter emphasised on adhering to building codes, in order to promote safety of the safety. Codes are minimum conditions to be met in a discipline.

It is pertinent for each professional within the built environment to stick to their discipline, an architect cannot perform the role of a builder and vice versa, he said.

In general, we have been doing health and safety training for over 10 years. The building code does not just give us authority, it also recognises that we are backed by the law, he said.

“We are in a global world with daily advance technology, with the current digitization, we are also collaborating to remain on top of our profession, and so the need for this training, he said.

Builder Mrs. Bolanle Edun, College of Fellows, stated that for Lagos State Chapter, this training is the first of its kind, but many more to follow.”

For proper attention and for training to be very effective, this training is limited to just 20 participants per session, while subsequent trainings will cover the rest, she said.

As regards quackery in the built environment, what we can do is to intensify awareness. What is lost as a result of ignorance is very costly, also more than what we gain by spending a little, she said.

All the seven professionals within the built industry should all collaborate to ensure a smooth delivery of services. We are achieving collaboration at the National level whereby one professional is not trying to subdue another and take up their responsibility. We are not doing the economy or country at large any favour, she said.

In the built environment, we have the backing of the Minister to foster cordial relationship among other professionals. If we have cordiality in professionalism, we will not downplay other colleagues within the sector, and take on responsibilities that one has not been trained to do, she said.

Funmi Adegbola, IOSH Representative stated that safety is beyond borders and it is futuristic, so, IOSH is providing support and enhance what is been done locally. We add value to what the Institute is doing.

We are adding to the existing safety and health, already incorporated to the institute, and recognise trained participants of NIOB as IOSH members, she said.