Prodigal Son: Olakunle Churchill Seeks Forgiveness from Mom over Embarrassment and Shame

Churchill Olakunle

Easier to seek forgiveness than permission – unless you intend to publicly apologize at a later time, or the offended party is your mother or both. Enter, Olakunle Churchill. The former husband of Nollywood celebrity, Tonko Dikeh, Churchill has publicly apologized to his mother for causing her “embarrassment and shame in recent times as regards [his] restiveness and nonchalance”.

Olakunle Churchill has not been properly recognized in his capacity as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Owing to his failed marriage to an old queen of Nollywood, Mr. Churchill burst upon the Nigerian social scene and has had hawk eyes on him ever since. However, the clever businessman only today revealed that he had offended his mother and caused her grief.

Taking to his Instagram page, Churchill wished his mother “more blessings and happiness beyond wildest imaginations” on her birthday. He then proceeded to apologize for causing her embarrassment and shame, seeking her forgiveness, and calling her “the most outstanding mother in the world”. It is still not known what may have transpired between mother and son, as the celebratory-cum-apologetic tweet did not feature plausible cause.

Conjectures have tossed to ravaging busybodies that the spat with Mother Churchill may not have been driven by any direct disrespect or disregard on the part of Churchill but as a consequence of his past relationship with Tonto Dikeh. Note to all, when you wed a queen of drama and then unwed the said queen of drama, drama becomes your lot.

These conjectures are not entirely unfounded as Churchill and Tonto continue to throw the occasional shade at each other; silent sweet nothings uttered between lovers have matured to silent arrows thrown with deadly aim. Or not, really, since Churchill claims that his experiences have made a studious pupil out of him, and drawn him closer to God. One is inclined to believe this as he prayed to the patient, merciful and long-suffering God to punish whoever intends to tarnish his image through cheap blackmail.

Having fittingly played the role of a remorseful son, one hopes Mother Churchill reaches into her heart and forgives all wrongs and offences, to give substance to Churchill’s claim that she is the sweetest of all treasures in his life, the greatest and most outstanding mother in the world.