Obong Udom Abadie, how are you and the family? I am sure you are enjoying the very best of Afang and Ekwong in Uyo. We here in Lagos are making do with substandard Afang but like my father used to say, ‘what can we do?’ I got a call last Sunday from my brother Udofia. Udofia is an Akwa Ibom brother in local diaspora. Local diaspora is people like us wey never get visa to go abroad so we make do with Abuja and Lagos.

We too are diaspora. Well he was not too happy with the way things are going in our home state. He stated very clearly the seeming lethargy with the way things are being run and ended by saying that with the kind of resources both human and material there is no reason why Akwa Ibom should not be competing with Lagos in all development indices. My lord my sentiments exactly. That state is rich. Very very rich but development I must say the honest truth has stalled since our ex overlord left.

Call Akpabio anything you want, that man performed and it is looking like those shoes are a little but too huge for you to fit in. This is not what we fought for when we chased him away from the state and gave you our support. Last time I was in Uyo, I was not particularly happy with the state of things. The only thing that was moving in the state was your convoy of BMW cars going to church that wet Sunday morning. Please my brother, I like you but I like the state more.

People are suffering and the state is not moving. I know you have the capacity and interest to deliver on your promises. Let’s make this your tenor an historic one and not an Afang eating marathon. Let’s do this work. I will be coming in December and I hope to officially inaugurate some very strategic projects. If you do not have projects for me to launch, I will not come o. A word is enough for the wise. Let’s do this work abeg.