Experts Convenes Management Conference


An array of experts has been selected to speak at management consulting conference scheduled to hold between October 16 and 17 at the Sheraton Hotel, Lagos.

Lewis Partners Consulting (LPC) convened the conference in collaboration with the Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria (IMCON) established in 1979 by the Centre for Management Development (CMD), the agency of federal government with the oversight function to regulate the practice and development of management consulting practice in Nigeria.

The Chairman of the occasion is Prof. Epiphany Azinge while speakers at the conference include, Dr. Tunde Adekola (World Bank Specialist), Dr. Nosike Agokei (Governance Professional), Mrs. Kemi Ogunmefun (Member of the Board of Access Bank), Mrs. Ayo Olojede (Group Head Emerging Business, Access Bank; Mr. Benson Uwheru (Partner, Business Advisory, Ernst n Young) and Mr. Paul Ayim (Phillip Consulting) among others.

The conference has the theme: “The Evolving Economy: The role of management consulting in the Public and Private sector”

The theme will address the standards, among other things yardsticks to be put in place to manage the practice of management consulting.

“The conference will further engage the questions of how better to professionalize the practice of management consulting across board. and what strategy and innovation will be appropriate in benchmarking against international best of practice and global demands.”

In a statement, the Publicist of the conference, Mrs. Jacqueline Odiadi, gave insight into the reason behind the conference.

She said, “The current state of the Management Consulting sector in Nigeria calls for deep introspection; the understanding of the profession and practice of management consultancy portrays a lack of depth and skewed understanding of the subject matter.

“Notwithstanding, we have several ‘briefcase’ or ‘shadow consultants’ across all the sectors; all thriving within the same economic space. We need to come together and brainstorm on how to move the profession forward.