Safeguard Encourages Kids Play  in New TV Commercial 


Safeguard  soap, a product of  Procter and Gamble, has unveiled a new television commercial (TVC), tagged ‘Childhood Non-Stop’ to encourage play in children as an opportunity for learning.

The 30 seconds TVC  highlights the importance of play in the development of a child’s cognitive  development as well as social skills.

It also stressed the need for parents to allow their kids do more outdoor games, with the assurance that Safeguard provides protection from all types of germs.

The brand further expressed its belief that restricting play would stop children from learning, saying, the focus should be on protecting children from germs as they indulge in favorite outdoor games and explore the world.

Providing more information on the commercial, Brand  Manager of the company, Oluwaseun Balogun, emphasised the importance of nature on kids,  especially in building their confidence, creativity and stimulating  senses.

“But, kids today spend half as much time outside as their parents did. This is a growing trend that needs to be addressed. We ran a poll on why parent don’t allow their kids play outside as much as we did back in the days and the result showed that many of them worry about their kids contracting germs.

Their worries are valid, however, we also cannot stop kids from playing. What we can do is protect them from these germs and that is what Safeguard does. Protection from all sorts of germs for the kids and for the whole family,” he expressed.