Cars45 to Empower Entrepreneurs


Sunday Ehigiator

One of the leading car service companies in Nigeria, Cars45, has recently launched a new product, ‘Autopreneur’, aimed at addressing poverty in Nigeria.

It is also aimed at providing multiple sources of income to over 10,000 Entrepreneurs monthly.

The company likewise introduced it ‘Emergency Services’ to attend to emergency needs of car uses within Ikoyi, Victoria Island, and Lekki area of Lagos state.

Briefing Journalist, the Vice President, Retail Services, Cars45, John Egwu, said, “Ideally, what we are trying to do is to arouse the first automotive sales force in Nigeria.

“This is the first time it’s coming live, where we are building a program supported by technology for people to resell automotive all across Nigeria.

“So from our end we are calling it the Autopreneur product and it is a program that is open to all. It is open to the CEO of a company; it is open to the Janitor of same company. It is a product where, people can at the convenience of their homes, through their mobile phones, earn a living.

“If we relate that to the country, we are in a time when we need to empower ourselves and build the GDP of the country.
“And this is our own commitment to Nigeria to ensure that a lot of lives are affected positively, and we can improve and make sure that families earn a source of living.

“So in Cars45 Autopreneur product, we are not expecting you to be educated, we don’t expect you to have held a degree in Harvard or any of those related Universities before you can benefit.

“It is open to all, we are giving you that opportunity to sell cars, sell other services we have on the network, and then make a living.

“And we are promising on this product to credit people daily. Which the minimum you can earn daily on any deal you do on the platform in N10,000.

“This implies that, if you successfully sell one of our cars or refer people to sell their fleets to us, you earn a minimum of N10,000 on each of the cars.”

Also speaking about the product and some other services of the company, Vice President, Consumer to Business Services, Cars45, Dr. Mayokun Fadeyibi said, “This is really an entrepreneur program. It is really focused on empowerment, providing economic opportunity for everyone, where every single person can earn a living and make extra income, either by referring other people to sell their cars to us, or people to buy from us, or even other services that we provide.

“A lot of people know about how our services works already, but we also have additional services. Right now we have over 70 inspection centers across the country, where if you want to sell your car, all you need to do is to drive to our centers and we give you instant payment.”