Yemi Osinbajo

I am just looking at you and pitying you. Small pressure and you are losing it. So because they are accusing you of all these and that you now want to go and remove your immunity. Please don’t let me laugh abeg. I hear you even want to go and sue YouTube, mbok while you are at it also sue Blackberry. Oga please focus and stop fretting all over the place, be a man and face squarely whoever is pursuing you if at all. For me,

Timi Frank and YouTube are the least of your problems. Shebi you are Vice President? Use your office and identify the source of all these backlashes and face it squarely. Now if you ask me, removing your immunity or threatening to remove it na ‘play to the gallery’ try am na and you will see things begin to happen in quick succession and before you realize it, you are back in VGC giving swimming lessons to teenagers who have failed JAMB. My lord, listen carefully, do not remove that immunity, it is there for a reason, use it to fight for what you stand for. Some of us still believe in you and will not renege on our belief that you remain an astute and principled gentleman even though your choice of friends remains suspect.

You see taking away that immunity is like an Aids victim, by the time HIV finish with your immune system common cold will finish you. DPO of Garki police station will try you, Commander of guguru defence will try you and by the time you realize it, you will be fighting all sorts of law suits and petitions and then one mischievous singing or dancing Senator will say you have brought the office into disrepute and na impeachment be that. Abi how will you explain, the Vice President being summoned to Shomolu Police station to come and explain why trader moni no reach mummy Fatai and God forbid because the investigations were not complete made to spend the night on a bench? My brother I am not professor of Law but I be professor of common sense, whoever advised that you remove that immunity get Ebola for him head. Please if I can gain access to you, I will pull that your ear and shout it into that your head, ‘keep the damn immunity Oga. I have spoken.