as we celebrate Nigeria’s autarky at 59……….the need to pull Nigeria out of its marshmallow of centrifugal excrescences…………. Our centripetal agglutinants…………. The Sisyphean challenge to the Pax Nigeriana……. Still remains our malodorous, putrescent, frankeinstous and opprobrious drift into a cocoon of ethnocentric chauvinism and syphilitic parapoism…’ mbok make I stop here and you dey ask how come the man cannot win election? With these kinds gargantuan, malapropism of the lingua franca how can mere Homo sapiens who dwell within the bini cultural impetue tue understand the sagacity of the message as they cull their oblong gata at the polling station? You see, this message upstage Buhari independent speech.

People read and circulate the thing more than the President’s speech. Me I have not even read the President’s speech till now because he no go pass warning to ‘kwarapt’ people and that kind thing. But this Patrick own na colourful distraction. An excursion into the emptiness and vagueness in the chameleonic attempt at seeking surreptitious relevance following a descent into the abyss of nonentity. Kai, me sef no easy. My advice is that instead of carrying all that dour Minister of Foreign of Affairs to United Nations, Buhari should be carrying this man and when it is time for us to talk, he will be the one talking and Buhari will just sit down and be clapping for him. Shebi they are looking down on us, let us show them that we too have bombastic scud missile in Nigeria.

My brother nothing do you o shebi ‘until we extirpate the herein before mentioned gorgon medusa, all efforts at nation building amounts to vacuous sciamachy’. Kai.