It was my brother Kola Kareem in trying to dodge my book launch who told me he was going to the United Nations o. Mbok before I realized it the whole Lagos was there o. Everybody I called they were at the United Nations and sooner than you realized it I started seeing picture and video clips of Nigerians at the place. From Sanwo Olu to Obaseki everybody was there o. I come to dey wonder if they have moved national conference to the place. Well it is looking like it is now an annual pilgrimage.

The latest status building for our elites. You must be at the United Nations in New York if not you have not started. Me, I will go next year too. I will also go and stand by the gate and snap picture like some of our big boys and post on social media. I will also go and take ice cream with one of the beautiful girls I hear work there. But seriously, the people that tried to embarrass my brother and friend Godwin Obaseki no try o. They were just shouting and hurling abuses at him because that one is a gentleman. Can they try Amaechi or Wike? They would have received big slaps, those ones no care o and dem no dey wear suit. I am just waiting to see what will happen to someone’s teeth anytime they try Amaechi. That one don already talk say he can blow someone o. Goddy, no vex, come let’s do Emotan together.