Apart from maybe Ayo Subair at LIRS, the only other Lagos State official that I have tremendous respect for is Mobolaji Sanusi. I have not met plenty Lagos State people so let’s not look at this as a blanket indictment. I am sure there are a whole lot of very well situated officials within the Lagos establishment – mbok, make dem no go increase my land use tax o. I cannot shout. Well, Sanusi heads a very strategic parastatal that regulates outdoor advertising in the country.

I once spent an eye opening thirty minutes with him discussing the sector and the job his outfit is doing. He pointed out that to push the industry, rates were dropped thereby boosting market share by practitioners, he further talked about constructive engagement with practitioners which saw the team pay visits to all of them in a bid to ensure perfect understanding on both sides. He came across as a visionary and well immersed. He challenged anybody who has offered or given him any incentive to come out. I fear for that one o, but he said it three times in thirty minutes. That was bold and I believe him. After the session, I invited him to my book launch and he no come. I just dey look am not sure what to do to him but then again the most important thing here is that LASAA seems to be on a sure road with his leadership. We dey watch.