Group Expresses Desire to Bridge Gap Between Talent, Recruiter

a cross section of panelists and attendees

Ugo Aliogo

As part of efforts to bridge the gap between talent and recruiter, the Kimberly Ryan, has organised the maiden edition of the ‘Meet the KR Recruiter’ initiative.

The initiative was aimed at creating an avenue for potentials candidates to interact with seasoned recruiters which would impact positively on their professional growth and development. The event which was held in Lagos was opened to three categories of talent, newbies (0-4 years’ experience), middle management (5-9 years’ experience) and decision-makers (10 and above years’ experience).

According to a statement made available to THISDAY by the company, Nigeria has struggled with high unemployment rate for decades and the war for talent has also increased.

The statement also stated that employers are more keen on recruiting candidates that stand out, adding that in the last 22 years, the company has successfully offered recruitment and selection services to various companies across all sectors in Africa.

The statement remarked that the panel session was led by the Country Director, Tampiri Irimagha-Akemu, and it focused on the company’s current recruitment and manpower needs and addressed the gap for qualified and job ready talent in the country.

The statement further stated the panel also advised attendees on interview tips, meeting recruiters and the need to present their best self and be open about their career goals and expectations.

The statement added: “Participants were introduced to the various sectors and industries that have current or future opportunities and given insights on preparing and presenting themselves.

“To close out the successful event, the attendees had one on one session with a team of KR recruiters. During this session, recruiters were able to interact with each candidate and offer advice on their resumes, career path, preferred jobs, and industries and how they can function better and additional training and skills needed for career growth. The participants praised Kimberly Ryan for the initiative as it gave attendees the opportunity to connect and engage with recruiters on a lighter and more detailed note. It was also an eye opener on approaching difficult discussions with lots of knowledge gained.”