Mbok if you were not there, you really missed. This Flavour na witch o abi na wizard I for call am? The boy scatter ground come and see girls crying and rolling on the floor. Even the one that I paid her gate fee come dey shout Flavour take me, flavour take me. I just dey look am like he know know say I will take my money back before Flavour take her. Imagine! It was the Zenith Bank’s Aspire concert organized to usher in their Style in Zenith 2.0 Event coming soon.

Me, I was going my own jeje when the wonderful beats of Flavour hit me. I quickly jumped in and saw the whole Lagos at the place. It was mad even for a 50 year old retired Lagos rocker, this was heaven. All the big stars were there from Olamide to Phyno to Mayokun to mention a few. The crowd was massive, elegant and appointing. Marcel and his team did a very powerful work in putting this all together cementing the brands new image as a powerful retail platform. You see when I sensed that the Bank had chosen to refocus and face the retail market using entertainment as a major vehicle for entry, I was watching because it would not be an easy task especially with the aloofness that comes with elite banking that they have been king at.

But in the last few years I think very strongly that they may have cracked it. The penetration is massive and the tug boat turn around may have been achieved in its true essence. The young ones that thronged that venue screaming their heads out support this assertion. Well for now all I can say is congratulations, well packaged and well attended. Kai. Flavour na ghost o.