ASUSS: Nigeria’s Education Being Driven by Politics


James Sowole in Akure

The Academic Staff Union of Secondary Schools (ASUSS) Saturday said that Nigeria’s education standard had been in pitiable condition because it was being driven by politics.

The Chairman of the ASUSS, Ondo State, Mr. Dayo Adeniyi stated this in Akure, Ondo State while marking the 2019 World Teacher’s Day Celebrations.

Adeniyi said in countries where giant strides have been made in science and technology and sustainable industrialisation achieved, education and the teaching profession, in particular, had been made a cardinal policy.

He said it was only when every sector of the country’s economy was driven by education, that its many challenges affecting her would be solved.

The ASUSS chairman therefore admonished the government to put in place policies that would ensure that education was prioritised. He said teaching and teachers education which is at the centre of the education sector must be taken seriously.

He said: “In most advanced economies like the United States of America, South Korea, Singapore, Belgium, Finland, China, etc. and even some developing economies like Brazil, Indonesia, and Rwanda in Africa they have given great attention to teachers’ matter, especially the conditions of service and general welfare for optional performance.

“Researches have shown that in Nigeria, teachers are not performing optimally because of some glaring factors which Include: high exodus of personnel from the profession, shortage of professionally trained, experienced and committed teachers, quality of intake Into education faculties and institutes of education saddled with the responsibility of training teachers, high remuneration given to other old professions to the detriment of education.”

Adeniyi emphasized that until Nigeria adopted how education was being run in other climes, which has helped propelled their human capital development, Nigeria’s education standard would remain low.

Adeniyi urged teachers to get the necessary professional qualifications in order to be able to withstand what lies ahead for the profession.