Aisha Buhari

You know I did not even know that mummy has been out for the last two months. It was my Warri based lawyer who reads this column like his Bible and will be giving me story idea that mentioned it. But since I really do not understand and enjoy the trauma my friend Sowore is going through right now, I advise the lawyer that shebi himself go school, that he should write in the Urhobo Times and ask where mummy is.

He should leave me, I just dey look school fees with tears in my eyes. But then the statement come out that there was no problem and that mummy was taking a deserved pull back from it all, then it dawned on me. Mummy was on AWOl. No wonder, there has been no earth shaking, utterly sincere statement that served as a wake-up call for the administration. No strong warnings to the cabal which they say has captured not only the administration but the whole 200 million of us and no one to give us updates on whether the President now recognizes a few more people around him.

Mbok, mummy this is not the time to go to St. tropez. We need you o. who will beg for us when police people trample on us when we report rape, who will fight for the down trodden and neglected? Please whatever is the matter, even if na Bubu annoy you, ignore it. You know say he don old and he go dey do one kind. Please come back, me personally I miss you.