Remi Adeyinka: I’m Happy When Clients Are Comfortable

My  Story

Remi Adeyinka is a stylist and the Creative Director of Raykcollections. He has evolved in mastering the art of fashion and branding which has set him aside as an authority in his crafts. He discusses with Tosin Clegg about his career in fashion, brands and much more

How did you start your journey into fashion?

It’s a funny reason though. Growing up, I’ve always loved machines and colours. I studied Mechanical Engineering with the mind of creating my own personal machines. I kept sketching new cars daily in my old notes, but when reality sets in I realise I can only sketch this machines, and that it will never happen in this country. So, I channel my creativity into fashion and my love for colours has never let me down.

What makes your work exceptional and what extra detailing do you put into it?

Let me say I play more with what is more relatable, wild but stylish, something everybody can rock. I told you about my love for machines, so that makes me pay extra attention to details. We’ve heard friends call our designs iconic, some call it irregular, but as long as our clients are comfortable we are happy.

Where do you see Nigerian fashion brands in future?

Just as music is doing, Nigerian designs will soon take over the world. Nigerians have great and creative minds, sometimes I see some designs and I’m always like what is this? That’s the feeling we are making real progress. For our designs to take over, we need realistic supports from the government and from big brands, the industry need a whole lot of support, government policies are breaking most of us.

How would you describe your works?

You know we have afro, and we have the hip-hop. Now, it’s being fused and called Afropop, that’s a bit of Africa and a bit of urban. Our sauce has African originality with an urban touch. Something everyone could fall in love with, from the choice of fabrics to what we create.

Where do you see yourself in a few years?

In a few years, the name Rayk will be a household name. A brand name you will wear and will be proud of, a brand that will be mentioned as One of Africa’s best brands, representing culture and originality.

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