Eximia’s Fiona Lawton Apartments Targets First Home Buyers


The nation’s housing developers are seeking new ways to ensure their products succeed in the market, which is a reason Eximia Realty Company, the promoter of Fiona Lawton Apartments in Lekki, Lagos is targeting first time home buyers.

The Chief Executive Officer of Eximia Realty Company, Mr. Hakeem Ogunniran told guests at the groundbreaking of Fiona Lawton Apartments, recently, that the company also targets millennial, empty nesters and investors.

The project has provision for studio apartments, and one and two bedroom apartments, Ogunniran said and that payment plans are available and tailored to each client, adding “we are building on about 35% of the land with lots of greenery, walkways, car parks for all and some guests. It is an estate within an estate; a truly gated community” that is designed to be compact, comfortable and convenient.

There will be a playground for children, communal lounge for adults, biofil and water treatment plant, Wifi, laundromat, CCTV, and controlled access.

Ogunniran said the project fulfills their objective to create a unique and innovative platform to deliver real estate solutions by addressing emerging living models tailored to contemporary urban lifestyles.

“The general trend of urban dwelling in leading cities across the globe since 2011 is that ‘the era of mac-mansion is gone’. With land in limited supply, construction costs spiralling out of control and the necessity to optimise living and maintenance costs, it has become inevitable to re-engineer home design and construction to achieve maximum efficiency. This is reflected in the significant reduction in the average sizes of dwelling apartments in such cities as New York (39 sqm) London (46sqm) Paris (36sqm) and Hong Kong (15sqm)in the last few years,” he said.

According to him, “These developments are being fully complemented by our company’s creation of our own ‘Home Ownership Ecosystem’ to tackle both the supply and demand sides of housing delivery. To this end, we recently launched Kyrious Real Estate Multipurpose Society to ease the burden of home acquisition and financing for potential home owners.”

He said they are greatly encouraged by the market acceptance of Kyrious and Fiona Lawton apartments, “our first foray into our defined market segment.”