Dickson: Oil Firms Outsourcing Terrorism to APC Candidate in Bayelsa

Seriake Dickson

Bayelsa State Governor, Seriake Dickson, has accused oil companies in the Nigeria of outsourcing terrorism to the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief David Lyon, through pipeline security and surveillance contracts.

The governor said that the oil firms were giving out surveillance contracts to outlaws in the oil-producing communities created and sustained by them.

Dickson made the comment while speaking with some editors of national newspapers on political happenings especially the forthcoming gubernatorial election in Bayelsa State in Lagos on Friday.

The governor said that the oil firms were exhibiting a mafia-like grip on the oil producing communities in the state in order to brutally crush any likeness of resistance to their activities from the communities.

According to him, the surveillance contractors some of who earn as high as N1 billion  per month have been operating in the state as if they are a parallel government.

The governor said that the contractors’ main duty was to engage criminal- minded individuals to perpetrate heinous acts against the oil-bearing communities,  including maiming and  killing of those who disagree with them and their activities.

He noted that the activities of the surveillance contractors were quite disturbing as they run militia groups with thousands of armed young men working under them to inflict terror on the society.

Dickson added  that the surveillance contractors were being paid to carry out criminal acts of repression against the producing communities since the oil companies couldn’t carry out those illegal activities directly.

He said, “We can’t imagine that after I have raised the bar this high then this militant, almost an illiterate, will attempt to take over Bayelsa State. What they have done is to outsource terrorism to the so-called candidate of the APC, Chief David Lyon, and I think in the next couple of days when you see some images you will be appalled.

“What has happened is that the oil companies are giving surveillance contracts to these young boys most of who are outlaws that they are creating, and  I have said it  several times that they are working towards having a Mafia-like hold in our communities,  particularly in Bayelsa State.

“These boys are like a parallel government. A guy has close to a billion naira every month and the only thing he does, is to look for criminally minded people to engage and just pay them money and use them to maim and kill anybody he disagrees with because that is something the oil company cannot do on their own so they have outsourced that Mafia-like operations to him.”

He said that several innocent people have been maimed and killed in a grisly manner by the outlaws operating as oil surveillance contractors just to instill fear in the local communities in the guise of protecting oil facilities in the state.

The governor who also commented on the candidate of the PDP in the November 16, 2019 elections, Senator Douye Diri, described him as a distinguished Nigerian with a robust record of public service.

He said that Diri had  served in the Ijaw National Movement, as the pioneer National Organisig Secretary òf the Ijaw National Congress,   Executive Secretary of Centre for Youth Development under Alamieseigha, Commissioner for Youth under Dr. Goodluck Jonathan   Principal Private Secretary, Deputy Chief of Staff under him, member, House of Representatives, and currently a Senator.