The Fugitive Hits the Cinemas Friday


Vanessa Obioha

Nollywood patron and filmmaker Andy Boyo will be releasing his latest blockbuster ‘The Fugitive’ today in select cinemas across the nation today, Friday September 27. The film is coming on the heels of his last production ‘House of Talents’.

In ‘The Fugitive’, Boyo attempts to underscore the various issues facing the continent today such as xenophobia. Although, the film is coming shortly after the recent xenophobic attack in South Africa, Boyo claimed it was purely coincidental that the film explored the theme.

“I shot this movie a year ago. I didn’t know the xenophobic attack will take place. I saw that there was disunity and I subtly interpreted it in the film.”

The film is set in a fictional country called United States of Africa where every country in the continent is represented as a state. According to Boyo, the setting was intentional and a subtle way to encourage the union of the African nations.

“There are other subtle messages in the film such as the discouragement of killing albinos as practised in East and South Africa. There are so many ingredients in it that will require one to think,” said Boyo

‘The Fugitive’ tells the story of a young detective who was falsely accused of the murder of a female investigate journalist. It highlighted the corruption in the judicial system.

The Pan-African film also featured bigweights in Nollywood like Kate Henshaw, Keppy Ekpenyong, Frederick Leonard, Daniel K.Daniel alongside actors from Zambia, Uganda and Rwanda. Boyo produced and directed the film.