Studio 24 Unveils Photography Robot


Foremost photography outfit, Studio 24 recently unveiled an artificial intelligence (AI) based photography robot aimed at complementing traditional photography.

Tagged ‘Game Changer’, it is a first of its kind to be introduced in the digital imaging industry in Nigeria. The robot consists of a large screen that provides an interface for users to take instant photographs. The screen enables its users to adjust their pose before each shot; thus, serving the same purpose of a selfie on a Smartphone, but this time on a larger screen. Using the interface, users can either cancel taken shots or proceed to print physical copies using a printer that is made available. The images can also be emailed or sent as messages for social media uploads.

The robot is equipped with a mounted canon digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) 18-55 mm camera that delivers perfect shots with balanced exposure. Depending on the taste of clients, the camera can be swapped to meet specific needs. The unit that was unveiled was named Grace, in honour of their late manger Grace Ugbor. She died in 2015.

According to the MD/CEO, Ifeanyi Oputa, the addition of robot photographer modelled in the female form is an avenue to encourage women to go into photography being that the industry is male dominated. On his expectations for the future, he said:

“Our expectation is that the world of event photography would not be the same again in the future. People having all kinds of events: corporate, private events, they would search to hire things that would engage their clients. People want to engage people to get the experience, something futuristic, like, this is a starting point… today you have a [robot] photographer who moves in a certain way, in a few years time, it can advance into someone who can fly. This is just the beginning.”

The programmable robot also serves the vital function of data collection at events. Depending on the nature of feedback sourced, the robots are fed with specific questions; event goers will be able to give feedback as soon as they arrive or before leaving the venue of the event.

Another feature the robot possesses is mobility. It uses mapped coordinates that enables it to move along strategic routes, engaging as many people as possible.

With these features in place, the robot photographer is poised to become events goers’ one-stop photography hub.