Flooding: Edo govt desilts drains, reactivates re-injection ponds


The Edo State Government has intensified flood control and waste management efforts in the state with the removal of debris from drains and re-activation of reinjection ponds sited within the Benin City metropolis, in the wake of momentary flooding caused by torrential rainfall in parts of the state.

Commissioner for Environment and Sustainability, Dame Omua Alonge Oni-Okpaku, who addressed journalists while inspecting the desilting exercise across different locations in Benin City, said the exercise is being carried out to allow free flow of rainwater and curb flooding challenges experienced within the state capital.

She noted that the flooding challenge in Benin City metropolis is as a result of a number of factors, including indiscriminate dumping of refuse in drains and water retention ponds.

She called for a change of attitude in waste disposal among residents, noting that the government would build more canals to ensure a free flow of floodwater.

According to her, “We have started desilting drains and re-injection ponds at flood flashpoints. This will curb the flooding challenge within the city area. We have seven re-injection ponds within the city centre and we will de-silt them.

“We also want residents to understand that they need to clean their gutters and stop dumping refuse in drains.”

The Commissioner added that the removal of debris from the re-injection ponds is done once in two years to ensure the ponds were empty to hold water.

The contractor handling the re-activation of the re-injection pond at Ihama, GRA, Chief Victor Amedu, said the pond, which was built about 11 years ago, needed to be maintained on a regular basis.

He added that the reactivation of the pond would help curb flooding challenges in the area as it could hold up to 120,000 litres of water per day.