YOA Insurance Partners NBA 


YOA Insurance Brokers Limited has disclosed that it took its insurance advisory services to the recently concluded 2019 General Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association. 

The week-long event, with the theme ‘Facing the Future’ was borne out of the pressing need to lay a sustainable foundation for an optimistic future. The event took place in Lagos.

“The NBA conference participants avidly took turns to visit the YOA Insurance Brokers booth and were treated to cocktails while they got a dossier containing a comprehensive collection of statutory and voluntary insurance benefits products and solutions. 

“The products offered help employers reduce costs associated with human resources administration and offer the employees benefits that will improve engagement, productivity and loyalty.  

“As a leading provider of insurance and re-insurance services, YOA advocates that professionals should embrace insurance to minimise risks to their businesses as detailed in the bouquet of Employee Benefits solutions they exhibited at the NBA 2019 Conference,” the company explained in a statement.

Sir Afam Linus Anijekwu, Managing Solicitor of Afam Law Consult, appreciated the team for an excellent outing at its maiden appearance at the conference and noted the need for more organisations like YOA to help in making more information available so that more lawyers could tap into the world of insurance.