Lafup: I Started My Comedy Journey in Bits and Pieces

Lafup: I Started My Comedy Journey in Bits and Pieces

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 Segun Ogundipe, better known as Lafup, is a comedian born on Christmas Day into a family of three. He has a self-defined style. Ogundipe tells Tosin Clegg about starting comedy, his upcoming shows, style of comedy and more

How did you start your comedy journey?

I started my comedy journey in bit and pieces when I was in secondary school. It wasn’t something very formal because I remember there was this birthday party in house and they needed an MC and I was told the MC will be paid N300 and I was like for what; this was around 1999. Then I saw a guy walk in wearing Palm slippers, helped the DJ bring in his equipment and looked at how things played out. Reluctantly, I said I wouldn’t let this kind of person disgrace my family, so I just told them to give me the microphone that I will rather do the job than allow the other guy do it.

How would you define your style of comedy?

I am not very good at analysing my own self because I just let people and critics do that; but for the purpose of this interview, I can say my kind of comedy is spontaneous but I like my jokes being domestic because I am a bit family conscious, I do a lot of political jokes. So, it’s safe to say my comedy is quite domestic; I am not a garrulous comedian; I like to spend every quality time of stage judiciously with the right message being passed across. I think I am a good story teller and I love a one-line thing; basically I am that type of comedian that want to add value to what I do that’s more reason you see more in cooperate gigs, street events amongst others.

What’s the unique quality that sets you aside from other comedians?

First and foremost, I am unique as a human being; my face is my face and my voice is my voice. If I say quality; I have seen fantastic and amazing comedians in Nigeria and out of Africa as a whole. What sets me apart, I think, is the fact that I like to be me and, most importantly, be original. Yes, I do lot of role playing, mannerism and in between I say ‘This is that Ibadan boy’ and that has earned me more accolades like ‘Olubadan of Comedy, amongst others. I like to tell stories about my people, community.

What are your upcoming projects?

Every December 26, I usually have my show in Ibadan, and it’s the biggest comedy family show in Ibadan. I have been running that since 2009 and we make it contemporary. Also on Christmas day, which happens to my birthday, and on Easter day, I usually go out to feed children on the street and give them school supplies and also we go to indigents in the suburb areas in Ibadan. On my upcoming event this October, I will be having my show at the Terra Kulture and its titled ‘Ibadan to the world’ basically telling my story, how the journey has been thus far, where I have been, where I am and probably where I have not been and I am collaborating with one of Nigeria’s great brand ‘Maltina’ because I want to nourish people and share happiness

Where do you see yourself in few years?

In the next few years, pretty much, I am that kind of guy that want to deal with what we have now because it’s the most important. For me in the next few year, I see myself being a more responsible father, spend more time with families because my job keeps me on the road most of the time and outside the country.

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