Firm Empowers over 30 Entrepreneurs on Business Development Skills

Firm Empowers Over 30... Participants at the Hangout organised for SME business owners

Firm Empowers Over 30... Participants at the Hangout organised for SME business owners

Mary Nnah

No fewer than 30 business owners gathered recently for a training session organised by NixxHash Communications, a fast growing media agency, on how to position their brands before a global audiences just by mastering the techniques and strategies available to them.

The training session which was for Small and medium business owners in Ikorodu, Lagos was tagged – ‘Entreprise Jolly: The CEOs Hangout’ and the business owners were mentored on digital marketing, branding skills as well as accounting and taxation training to become better entrepreneurs in their various industries.
The training topics cut across ‘The Role of Branding in Achieving a Sustainable Business,’ ‘How to have a well organised account for our businesses,’ ‘why we must pay tax,’ ‘how to position on brands before a global audience offline and Online’.

Speakers at the hangout included a lecturer at the department of Mass communication, Lagos State Polytechnic, Steve Adesemoye, who is also a Public relations and brand development expert; an accounting consultant and Managing Partner of Corporate Surgeon, Kazeem Adegoke; CEO of Pentacept, a digital marketing firm and a google certified trainer, Kehinde Olofintuyi.

In her introductory speech, the Brand strategist, NixxHash Communications, Adenike Fagbemi noted that the 21st century business owner need to flow with the trend in order to stay in business. Thus, according to her would help determine the lifespan as well as the sustainable value the business has.

“We find out that we are loosing out in some very basic tips as business owners. Technology, time and space keeps throwing things at us and if we can not keep up, we get kicked out. This training which also came in form of a Hangout is solely to brainstorm and reflect on the things we are getting right and those we need to put into consideration if truly we want to stay in business.

“We need to understand that training, retraining for business owners is very key to growth. We need to consistently tell ourselves that we need to upgrade. We should not be too comfortable as local champions rather yearn for more knowledge as no knowledge is a waste,” Fagbemi noted.

Adesemoye trained the participants on the role of branding in helping entrepreneurs stay at the top of their business.

He harped on the need for them to understand their target audience, identify their needs and purchasing power, then create a solution to meet the need and deploy the resources to meet the need.

Adesemoye added that it is very important for business owners to constantly monitor their brand, income and consumers in order to quickly identify changes in their needs due to regular technological disruptions.

Adegoke noted that business owners must keep good record of their business incomes and expenses in order to pay appropriate taxes so as not to fall into trouble with revenue agencies.

He advised participants to be pro-active with the payment of their taxes to relevant regulatory agencies, saying failure to do so at the appropriate time may result in ‘over-billing’ by the revenue agency.

“If you wait for the revenue agencies to come to you to ask for taxes which is your obligation to the government, you may end up being overbilled. To avoid that, ensure you always keep a good financial record so you can pay what is accountable to government at the appropriate time,” he advised.

Olofintuyi tasked the business owners to leverage on the opportunity of social media to take their goods and services to a larger audience.

To do that, he advised them on how to use Facebook and other social media platforms to reach only the audience who will be interested in what they are doing.
“You don’t just put up an advert on social media for everybody, by doing that you will be wasting money, they are ways to strategically advertise on social media that only those who are interested in what you do and have the purchasing power will see your advert and they will contact you.

“You have to identify your audience and put out contents that will address them and reach them directly,” Olofintuyi said.

While speaking on the success of the event, Mrs Fagbemi said it was an educative and mind rubbing section where all the business owners had the opportunity to get tips on how to build their brands into sustainable ones amidst the 21st-century challenges.

“It was indeed interactive and we were also able to conclude that Collaboration is the New Competition. We all need to rise together and fight the mentality of just getting better than our competitors in order to grow,” Fagbemi said.

She, however, noted that a larger edition of the training will hold in October 2019 in Ikorodu which will accommodate more business owners.

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