Creating Interpersonal Influence

Hamid Ayodeji

Do you understand the daily impact of your influence on the people around you?

Are you looking to learn how to develop interpersonal influence when relating with your stakeholders and how to achieve authenticity for sustainable value creation?

This excellent programme designed by TEXEM, UK, will help.

“When I became a Director 12 years ago, my focus was mainly to deliver a compelling service to my various stakeholders. Two years later, I was tasked to actively engage stakeholders to fulfil my purpose, processes and people needs. This tickled my brains, as I tried to figure out how to act like an impactful leader. I had to figure out how to act as a strategic leader by influencing my peers, subordinates customers, regulators and the board to deliver superior performance,” said a bank CEO in Nigeria.

He added that; “What I needed then, was the skills to provide exceptional and effective leadership and positively influence my internal and external stakeholders. This learning opportunity was not easy to come by, but TEXEM was my silver bullet ten years ago.

“Like ten years ago, Texem still designs relevant, insightful and beneficial programmes for African executives and organisation to succeed. TEXEM has a fantastic suite of programmes and highly insightful team of faculties. Through their value-adding programmes they increase executive’s knowledge and skills on how to build enduring organisations that aptly addresses their stakeholders’ competing needs”.

The operating context of Nigeria is currently characterised by turbulent, ambiguous and complex socio-economic landscape. Thus, visionary leaders in organisations must develop competence in influencing, achieving authenticity and addressing vulnerability for effective and sustainable success.

To this end, TEXEM UK expressed its delighted in inviting organisations to join world-renowned Professor Graham Wilson, University of Oxford’s Senior Tutor in Psychology and Counselling.

Since 2012, Wilson has developed and led the leadership strand of the GCAP/Smith School (University of Oxford) ‘Adaptation Academy’.

During these programmes, Graham helped senior leaders to hone their abilities to influence in highly complex political landscapes. Also, in 2015, Professor Graham Wilson established an Advanced Coaching course for the University of Oxford. His work at Oxford was very successful, and as a result, he is now responsible for devising, supervising, and sharing the delivery of, all coaching programmes – Introductory, Advanced, Group, and Supervision, on an annual basis for the University of Oxford.

The two-day programme would hold between October 16th and 17th, 2019, at Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Programme description
“Developing Interpersonal Influence, addressing the vulnerability, and achieving authenticity for value creation,’ programme revolves around the notion that, “it is critical for visionary leaders in organisations to develop competence in influencing, promoting authenticity and addressing vulnerability for effective and sustainable success.”

The bottom line is that everyone can be a visionary leader if you know how to;
• Promote a more trusting relationship with your stakeholders.
• Stimulate superior performance.
• Achieve organisational goals effectively and efficiently.

The programme can be attended by anyone seeking to extend their leadership and interpersonal influence; current team leaders and managers; new and experienced managers and directors forming and leading new teams as well as engaging a diverse stakeholder group

“This programme matters because as a participant, you will develop actionable insights required to apply programme learnings to your specific work situation.
You will develop your interpersonal influencing skill, learn to build enduring organisations that meet the needs of stakeholders, and how to promote a trusting relationship in their organisation.
“You will also commit to a set of concrete implementation goals for enduring enhanced; individual, team, organisational and industry-wide performance and leverage social capital for lasting success,” the organisers explained.

Key themes
The main themes that will be addressed in this programme include:
• Leader’s interpersonal interactions that impact their ability to influence others
• The relationship between vulnerability, authenticity, and influence and you will learn how this could unlock organisational value
• Lead and inspire via high emotional quotient: lessons from case studies
• Managing Interpersonal Dynamics for High-Performance
• Developing greater self-awareness to become a more effective and authentic leader
• Sources and uses of power for the impact that lasts.

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