BBNaija Update: Pepper Everywhere

Cindy and Frodd heated exchange

Cindy and Frodd heated exchange

Having fewer housemates in the house has proven to be more dramatic than anticipated. It seems each day has its own pepper agenda. If it is not Tacha facing off with her fellow housemates, it is probably Mercy scheming her way to stay in the house till Day 99.

The most trending housemate in the house so far this week is Tacha, and for obvious reasons. It is no news that the young lady’s self-confidence is enormous, and she is unapologetic about it. Take for instance her chant of ‘No leave, no transfer’ after being saved from eviction last Sunday. Her utterances clearly showed her amour-propre.

Hate her or love her, you will have to agree that she is the real pepper in the house. Even the male housemates are terrified to mention her name in their jokes. Perhaps, her recent altercation with Mike and Seyi is responsible for that. Tacha had gotten into a verbal abuse during the mysterious plantain search with Mike. His query on her hiding honey in her locker rubbed off on the wrong side. Within minutes, she opened the floodgates of insults and was merciless to Mike. There was also Seyi who have been on a rough path with her for a while now. Not in the mood to trade words with her during a cooking session, Seyi decided to pray against bad energy, slyly alluding to Tacha’s negative vibes.

Interestingly, Frodd who called her a child during her verbal exchange with Mike seems to be her new found buddy. The two seemed to be getting along well but knowing both housemates to be emotionally labile, we doubt if that friendship will sail too far.

Frodd on the other hand had its own share of pepper. During the townhall meeting summoned by Elozonam — winner of the Head of House title this week — to find the missing plantain, Cindy jokingly insinuated that Frodd could have been the culprit since he was responsible for the last time food went missing. Frodd was visibly incensed by her statement and would have come close to punching her if not for the quick intervention of Elozonam.

While Mercy and Ike’s ship has swooned fans, we can’t deny that Mercy is a game player. She surprised fans when she took all her coins and that of Ike’s too to buy immunity for herself till the last week of the game. Where is the love Mercy? There have been lots of social media memes on how the housemates, particularly Ike would react when they learn of Mercy’s smart moves.

With fake nominations and eviction-free week, things will certainly heat up in the house as the chase for N60 million worth of prizes draws closer.

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