Swanky Lagos Sits on Craters

Babajide Sanwo-Olu

When last did you drive through the internal roads in both Ikoyi and the GRA in Ikeja? If you haven’t lately, you need to, even if out of curiosity, just drive round and see the horrible state of the roads in the two most expensive places in Lagos with the highest land use charge.

Although the roads did not just deteriorate, they have been there for a while, however, if the truth must be told, they provide handy metaphor on the state of governance in the state as well as the age of ideas of its leaders.

Even more shameful is the fact that, when you drive through the GRA, in Ikeja, for instance the Oduduwa Crescent, which links Oduduwa Way, a place housing some of the most prominent Nigerians including governors, justices and other eminent personalities, you would not accept a property for free in this rich slum.

What about Ikoyi, take a drive around Rumus, Thompson Avenue, Lugard, Cameron, Probyn and environ, you would be shocked if those prominent Nigerians including the embassies living in that neighbourhood move around with a chopper. It is horrible and unbefitting of their status as Lagos upscale areas. Just don’t bother about other parts of the state. You may develop heart attack about the state of the internal roads.

Well, if truly there’s a governor in Lagos now as the situation report says, perhaps, someone would be motivated to discharge his responsibility and not just gallivant around, mastering the art of talking himself out of situations or responsibilities that come natural.