Brother’s Keeper: Allen Onyema Declares Free

Allen Onyema

Flight for Nigerians Fleeing South Africa
There’s a fine line between support and extortion and Allen Onyeama has strived to be on the right side of that all his life. Indeed, when the maiden of profit beckons on the merchant as she dances over a floor of blood, many will throw away their morals in exchange for a fatter bank account.

Onyema has always claimed to be different. And recent happenings in faraway South Africa gave him a chance to prove it to the world in spectacular fashion.
Recent unfortunate xenophobic attacks in South Africa have compromised the security of Nigerian diasporas. A few Nigerians were reportedly killed in the attack. With Mandela’s country proving increasingly fractious and unwelcoming of their continental brothers after the passage of the great man, the water that had been bubbling finally boiled over.

As the air thickened with the wails of hapless Nigerians, emotions flew in the form of cutting exchanges all over the world, Onyeama, a beacon of hope, volunteered to send an aircraft to South Africa from the 6 September 2019, returning interested Nigerians home without a fee.

Onyeama had also warned against Nigerians scheduled for repatriation from South Africa to refrain from paying $1,000 or any amount of money whatsoever for their flight as there have been indications of such exploitative shenanigans.
“We have not designated or recruited any agent in South Africa to collect money on behalf of Air Peace,” he said.
Onyeama, Chairman of Air Peace Airlines and the President of the Foundation for Ethnic Harmony in Nigeria has always been concerned about the safety of Nigerians.

He was conferred with the prestigious Zik Prize for Entrepreneurial Leadership by the Public Policy, Research and Analysis Centre, Nigeria in May 2019 in recognition of his immense contributions to the development and human security.
Driven by development and sustainability, Onyeama, a shining torch of light, has remodeled air travel in Nigeria.

Onyeama knew that the human touch is that little snippet of decisions that brings a bit of comfort, support, and kindness. Kindness doesn’t take much from the one who gives it but can make a huge difference in the one who receives it.
“Any Nigerian who has paid money for repatriation to Nigeria with Air Peace should request for a refund and report to appropriate authorities,” he had said, maintaining that the flight is free for all Nigerian returnees from South Africa.