Kojo Williams Gives Marriage Another Shot

Kojo Williams

It has taken several counselling and cajoling from well-meaning friends and relatives, deep introspection and retrospection, and careful and painstaking weighing of the pros and cons before Kojo Williams, a former chairman of the Nigeria Football Association and foremost Lagos social scene rocker, eventually conceded to give marriage another shot. Quietly, and away from the prying eyes of social hawks and the media, Kojo remarried recently. His new bride’s name is given as Funmi and many would not have known had she not celebrated her 50th birthday recently.

The well-attended event had all the trappings of a Kojo party; choice cognacs and champagnes and continental and local dishes were in endless supply. Kojo was up and about, attending to their guests and ensuring that everybody was treated to their hospitality. The party was reminiscent of his 60th birthday in 2017; exclusive and well-attended by only close friends and associates. But it was his new wife that was the topic of discussion as many just found out about her and the fact that after his marital experiences, he decided to remarry.

The dandy and dark skinned son of the late Chief Sebastian Babatunde Williams, a sports-loving business mogul and philanthropist, divorced his first wife, Dr Remilekun Williams, a successful dentist, many years ago over what was termed irreconcilable differences. They had four children together – Christopher, Oyinade, Emmanuel and Ifeoluwa. The separation also led to his dumping his former church, the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), where he served as a deacon over what he reportedly termed “Hanky-panky spiritual meddlesomeness” in his private life.

A few years after, football-loving Kojo gave marriage a second chance and married Isidora Adewunmi, the second daughter of His Royal Majesty Oba Michael Adeniyi Sonariwo, the Akarigbo of Remo Land, Ogun State, in a grand wedding ceremony that attracted society and political heavyweights. Princess Isidora, a half-caste ex-US Marine officer, is the King’s first wife, Madam Joyce Adeniyi, a Jamaica-born British trained nurse’s second child.

However, Kojo and Isidora’s one-year-old marriage was allegedly dogged by disagreements over how things should be done and the kind of lifestyle they ought to adopt as a couple. Things degenerated between the couple when neither party agreed to play the meek lamb to the other’s wild cat. Sooner, the marriage packed up like a stack of badly arranged cards within one year. Kojo was thought to have given marriage a wide berth until reason prevailed on him to give it another chance especially considering his advancing age. In Funmi, he seems to have found a life partner.