Saraki’s Holiday is Over?

Bukola Saraki

Canticles…By Eddy Odivwri

Did you hear of the recent angst against the hitherto almighty Bukola Saraki?

Angst? From where and by who?


Did you not hear that the Kwara House of Assembly recently moved against him, vowing to recover all Kwara State government’s property which the Sarakis, over the years, had appropriated, illegally to themselves?

(hissIs it that one? Don’t mind those political jobbers. It is the banal shenanigans of idle and mischievous politicians.I had warned you to be wary of politicians. They are Chameleonic.

But it is real. The Kwara lawmakers have urged the state governor, to revoke the ownership of the building and they are pushing hard. It is not all politics. It is a drive towards restoration and recovery of the commonwealth of the people of Kwara. And I can assure you that this government, unlike others, will not pander to any Saraki phenomenon

That is what I am telling you. That politics is like magic. The more you look, the less you see.

This is a house that belonged to Baba Oloye himself. So it is not new. In fact, the house is called Ile Arugbo (Old House), so if some puppet politicians are waking up today to question the acts of their ancestors, you know that somebody somewhere is beating the drum to which the bird is dancing.

Look, let’s not blackmail the lawmakers with ancestral nuances. And it does not matter how long ago a crime is committed for it to be redressed. Justice has no expiry date. The question is: is it true or not that the property on Ilofa road, with survey no KWG927 and LAN/G-2071 belonging to the Kwara State government was illegally acquired by late Dr Olusola Saraki?

If you know who presented the so-called report on the property, one Mr Felix Awodiji

Chairman of the  committee on Land, and that he is an APC member from Ifelodun constituency, you will understand the political undertone behind the move. These are the leaders of the Otoge campaign.

That is dodging the question. Is it true or not that the said property belonged to Kwara State government?

And also answer whether or not the call on July 23, asking the state government to revoke the sale of government chalets to Bukola Saraki , is also politically-motivated.

It is all politics my brother.

The simple question is why the sudden realisation that these properties have to be recovered?


Need you ask?  The simple answer is that right now, there is a Pharaoh that knows no Joseph on the throne, and they are determined to address the rot of the past, no matter whose ox is gored.

I can tell you that the long holiday for the Saraki dynasty is over in Kwara. And the demystification of the Saraki heritage has just begun, I can tell you.

One thing sure is that you are dreaming. I can tell you for free that the tap root of the Sarakis is damn deep in Kwara. You cannot attempt to uproot it without doing incalculable damage to the Kwara destiny.

Look, Bukola is back from his holiday in Greece where he had gone to recover his breath. I can tell you that with his arrival, those political charlatans in the Kwara House of Assembly will begin to chew their empty chords and eat their words.

It is a new dawn in Kwara. Old things have passed away. All things have become new. Keep  watching.

You will say I told you: it will all amount to nothing.