BNaija Update: Housemates Unhappy With Judges

Chef Matse and comedian FunnyBone in BBNaija.

Chef Matse and comedian FunnyBone in BBNaija.

It takes a good sportsman to accept defeat but in a case where the judgment is perceived as bias, bitter reactions are expected. This has been the case in some of the task challenges the Big Brother Naija housemates have participated in. It is almost a trend to see housemates complaining when they or their team lose a challenge.

When Khafi won the Innoson motors challenge a fortnight ago, some of the housemates hardly congratulated her, with Mercy claiming that she allowed Khafi to win.

Last week during the Darling Hair ‘Find Your Beautiful’ challenge, some off the housemates complained about the bias of the judges. According to them, the winning team Sir Dee and Venita did not deserve the win. They were particularly upset that the judges who were Idia Aisien and Ugo failed to acknowledge Esther’s hair style which in their view did justice to the theme given. Mercy and Ike who were also runners-up also complained that they should have been crowned the winner of that challenge.

But the whole drama took a new turn on Wednesday after the Arla/Dano Milk Cooking Challenge. The housemates were tasked to put up a cooking show with each team made up of chefs and a TV presenter. The first part of the contest featured the head chef and his assistants cooking while the presenter presented the show to a live audience made up of their fellow housemates.

The second part required the teams to present their meals to the judges Chef Matse and comedian Funny Bone in the Arena.

Housemates were furious that the judges crowned the team of Tacha, Frodd, Khafi and Omashola winners.

Mercy and Venita wasted no time in expressing their fury. They insulted the judges and demanded that Big Brother should stop sending biased judges to evaluate their tasks. The discussion continued in the garden where Mike, Elozonam and Cindy joined in the rant. Mercy, visibly furious said that the judges from the onset showed a liking to the team and were very partial in their assessment. She bluntly described Tacha’s meal as tasteless, claiming she wouldn’t order it if it was the only meal in a restaurant menu.

Mike had issues with the hygiene grades. He felt it was not properly assessed by the judges. He however commended Khafi for her hosting style.

But the housemates were not the only ones furious about the outcome. On Twitter, fans of the show expressed mixed reactions. While fans of Tacha attacked Mercy for being too bitter each time she lost a game, Mercy’s fans showed their loyalty by lauding her frankness.

Diane’s fans however took the painful step to justify their claim that Chef Matse was very partial in her judgment. They screen grabbed posts from the Chef’s social media accounts which clearly showed that she was a big fan of Tacha, thus influencing her decision to crown her team winners. Some demanded that Big Brother should issue strikes to Mercy and Venita for their caustic words.

Nevertheless, the winning team are happy with their win, particularly Omashola who is also up for eviction this Sunday. With Biggie flipping the nomination coin, housemates returned to the former nomination process where they nominated each other for possible eviction. Frodd and Venita were the most nominated while Elozonam, Seyi and Omashola trailed behind. Seyi who won the veto power this week replaced himself with Khafi. Sunday Live Eviction show will reveal who stays and goes in the reality show.

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