TETFUND, Galaxy Backbone to Strengthen ICT Research

Yusuf Kazaure

Galaxy Backbone’s Managing Director/CEO, Mr. Yusuf Kazaure and his executive management team, recently played hosts to the Executive Secretary, Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND), Professor Suleiman Elias Bogoro and members of his management team, who recently paid him a courtesy call. The visit was to strengthen the long-standing relationship that has continued to exist between Galaxy Backbone (GBB) and TETFUND for some years now. It was also an opportunity for Bogoro to evaluate GBB’s modern technology infrastructure and determine its capability to handle his vision for TETFUND going forward.

Kazaure in his opening remarks, welcomed Bogoro and his team and thanked him for the confidence and trust he has continued to show in GBB’s services and reiterated GBB’s commitment to providing excellent and efficient ICT services. GBB is committed to consolidating ICT services in the nation’s public sector and ensuring that all agencies are connected under one network so that the government can take advantage of the gains of economies of scale.

GBB’s CEO later disclosed to the Bogoro and his team of the many areas in which GBB has continued to help save government from spending huge amount of resources in purchasing technology Infrastructure that GBB already has and could be used for the benefit of agencies and all Nigerians.

Kazaure pledged his commitment to work with TETFUND in uplifting the level of professionalism and excellence in the academic community, using innovative technologies. The TETFUND team, were also led on a tour of GBB’s Network Monitoring and Operations Centre (NMOC) and its state-of-the-art Tier III Data Centre, where Kazaure showed the Bogoro and his team where GBB is hosting and has connected over 90 per cent of federal government agencies and some private companies that are currently on the GBB platform.

Bogoro, in his response, expressed his delight in the services being rendered by GBB to TETFUND and its contribution to the development and implementation of ICT services across the country most especially
in today’s knowledge driven economy where everything is driven by Information technology.

“I am pleased with the level of professionalism and services GBB continued to provide. GBB is doing very well and I must say, at the centre of government operations, GBB stands tall. We are proud to associate ourselves with GBB,” Bogoro said.

He also went on to express his conviction about the huge importance and attention everyone must place on Information technology if organisations must thrive in today’s digital economy most especially as it affects the education sector.