Falana Urges FG to Sue S’Africa for Compensation for Attacks on Nigerians

Femi Falana

Martins Ifijeh

Human rights lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Mr. Femi Falana has urged the federal government to sue the South Africa Government for compensation for the Nigerian victims of the xenophobic attacks.

In a statement issued yesterday, the human rights activist also urged President Muhammadu Buhari to boycott the World Economic Forum.

According to him, “African National Congress must accept responsibility for the misdirected antagonism against poor African immigrants”.

Falana argued that it was not enough for the South African government to condemn “the shameful and cowardly attacks.”

He insisted that President Cyril Ramaphosa should fish out and prosecute the perpetrators of the attacks

“Apart from the official condemnation of the shameful and cowardly attacks the South African Government should fish out the culprits and prosecute them.

“In addition to the payment of adequate compensation to all the victims of the mindless attacks, the Government must teach South Africans about the immense contributions of the people of Cuba and a number of African countries to the struggle waged against apartheid and colonialism in the Southern African region.

“However, since the Cyril Ramaphosa administration is not likely to accede to the demand for compensation the federal government should brief a team of lawyers to seek legal redress for the victims of the attacks in South African courts.

“The Nigerian High Commission in Pretoria should be directed to coordinate the legal defence,” he explained.

Falana argued that in view of the incessant harassment of Nigerians and citizens of other African countries in South Africa, President Buhari should boycott the World Economic Forum scheduled to take place in the country, make the “Declaration” to enable Nigerian victims of human rights abuses to access the African human rights court in Arusha Tanzania.

“In view of the regular harassment of Nigerians in South Africa and a few other African countries the federal government should make the Declaration to enable individual victims of human rights abuse to access the African Court on Human and Peoples Rights sitting in Arusha, Tanzania. Since there is no assurance that Nigerians and other Africans will no longer be subjected to xenophobic attacks the federal government should boycott the World Economic Forum scheduled to commence in South Africa on September 4,” he added.

Meanwhile, in a bid to avert huge loss in event of possible reprisal from angry residents, the operators of the Shoprite Mall in Enugu has ordered the temporary shutdown of their facilities in the state.

Customers who had trooped to the mall early which also houses the Games shop early yesterday were asked to go home as the place was under lock and key.

Spar Mall which is also a business concern owned by the South Africans however observed skeletal services and very much ready to shut down at the slightest idea of possible attack.

The situation became a blessing in disguise for other indigenous shopping malls in the city as customers who ordinarily patronise Shoprite shifted their allegiance to them.

Officers and men of the Enugu Police Command also maintained steady presence at the mall.