Elizabeth  Ezinne- I Rinse Myself of Toxic People,  It Helps Keep Me Beautiful

Elizabeth Ezinne recently emerged winner of the keenly contested Nigerian Queen 2019 beauty pageant. She is a graduate of History and Diplomatic studies from the University of Port Harcourt. The Imo State-born cosmetician and model tells Tosin Clegg her plans, as a new reigning Queen, love life, her cosmetics business, new projects and more

How I emerged winner

They saw the efforts and dedication I put in the camp. I also think my humility was an advantage. The judges knew I was smart and well composed and always commended me for that after every interview and competition. Above all, I guess the organisers saw how empathetic I was towards people around me and how much passion I had towards helping humanity, which is what the Nigerian Queen Beauty pageant stands for.

Secret of beautiful skin

Having a beautiful skin is something I have always been passionate about and I derive joy in proffering solution to issues pertaining to skin. My passion led me to the beauty line. My brand name is Rhoy Skin and Body Empire. We started about two years ago. I buy resources of products from a dealer in Lagos sometimes and also from a friend that does same business with me. Whenever she travels to India to buy her ingredients, she buys for me as well.

My goal is to touch lives

My goal is to touch lives positively and that’s through the Nigeria Queen platform. We have already started a project in the educational sector for teens. I’m equally working towards programmes that will touch the lives of women and empower them to be independent. These are the projects I already started, more will be unveiled in due time.

How I cope running the business

Great, I must say. God has been good. We are trying to create a strong media presence before the end of this year. I actually enjoy doing it. There is a great feeling you have when doing what you love to do. It doesn’t seem stressful; instead it gives you a sense of fulfillment. But in all of these I always have time to relax. I have some workers now which reduces the work load on me. I make out time to relax especially weekends.

I’m single at the moment

My last relationship ended two months ago, due to irreconcilable differences. I asked God for strength, dealing with the break up, here I am standing strong and tall. I didn’t cry or blame myself. I just moved on. We’re not meant for each other that was my conclusion. I know the person for me would come eventually. No regrets. Honestly, what is most important for me right now is to make great impacts. I want to touch lives of people.

My team and I are already working on some projects

But we can’t do that alone, we need support and sponsors. Secondly, I’m working on building myself and my business. We are already rendering support to the less privileges. We are working on some projects pertaining to education and women empowerment.

I don’t have passion for acting

I’m business inclined. I love the business world. I have been into business since I was 12. Sold books and pen, sold jewelries, cloths, bags, hairs, during my university days. I would gladly take deals on commercials, facial adverts and more.

Growing up wasn’t easy, I must say

I have a sense of being independent and having little money of my own kept me going. Besides, looking at our economy, over 70% of graduates are unemployed, and the only way out of this is having your own business.

I don’t diet but I avoid late night food

I drink a lot of water and eat fruits daily. I cleanse myself of toxic people and relationships; it helps a whole lot to keep me this beautiful.

When the right person comes along I would date again

A man who is focused, fears and loves God, a man that shares same vision with me. He must be financially stable. Someone I can be friends with and share all my secrets with; a hardworking man, a man that will take care of me. I prefer someone with empathy, which is most important. His physical looks and colour are secondary things. I’m not attracted to the looks of a man. Spiritual, mental, financial and social state of a man is what attracts me. 

I look up to Chimamanda Adichie

She inspires and motivates me a lot. I have learnt not to look down on anybody. Help people without expecting anything in return. What goes around comes around and most importantly seed and harvest time never ceases. I see myself with two kids in a beautiful home. Then my company and brand would be heard all over Africa. I see myself having a less privilege home, see myself being closer to God and living a purpose-filled life.

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