Biggie’s Week of Interesting Changes

Pretty much as predicted, owing to their fan base, the eviction of two housemates – Jackye and Gedoni – confirmed the feelers and views of the Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem audience prior to the live eviction show last Sunday. Khafi almost cried out her heart following the eviction of her love interest, Gedoni. ‘CharacteristicTacha’ got hit by Big Brother. The new week witnessed some interesting changes. There was the dissolution of the previous teams. Ferdinand Ekechukwu reports

Birth of Teams Enigma and Legends

The Pepper Dem housemates were tasked to dissolve their former teams and form new alliances in a game of Hats and Colours. Before the business of the Veto Power Challenge, Big Brother dissolved team Cruisetopia and team Icons. The result of this birthed two new teams in the house – team Enigma and team Legends.

The Pepper Dem Gang by now should be used to Biggie’s twists and turns. Little wonder they took the team swop with smiles and cheers. Similar to the last team challenge, they had to select coloured stickers from the clearly marked ‘male’ and ‘female’ hats. At the end of this exercise, there were seven housemates in each coloured rectangle. While some retained their teams, it was refreshing seeing the new bonds formed in the newly created teams. 

At the end of the nomination challenge, team Legends comprising Esther, Frodd, Sir Dee, Venita, Tacha and Omashola with the exception of Khafi, the Head of House, are up for possible eviction Sunday. Ike, the Veto Power Holder for this week was called upon to perform the ‘Save and Replace’ rite. Without wasting time, Ike saved Omashola and replaced him with Cindy.

The Rebirth of Khafi / HOH Room Banter

Standing right in the middle of what may now appear to her as an empty house is Khafi, following the loss of her resident lover. “Gedoni, you’ve just been evicted from the house.” What followed this eviction announcement were uncontrollable tears from Khafi. It was then realized that one does not only grieve for a dead friend and in the Pepper Dem house, an evicted lover can also be mourned. To the surprise of many, Khafi did not only move on successfully from Gedoni’s exit but also received it with a celebration of big wins.

Winning a car in the Innoson Task was in fact, the beginning of her victorious songs in Biggie’s house. She has also developed a close bond with Omashola within the past few days. From helping her with her nail polish to listening to her thoughts about Gedoni, Omashola has been a shoulder to cry on. Well, with their friendship, this goes both ways. Make way housemates, there’s a new friendship on-board! The Head of House room currently serves as a bonding room for its current occupants – Tacha and Khafi. From their plan to remain residents of the room next week to the water prank, they both dished out more friendship goals. It appears there could be more to these new friendships.

Contrite ‘CharacteristicsTacha

Most controversial Pepper Dem gang member Tacha did tendered an apology to Big Brother over her misdemeanours that earned her a second strike since entering the house. According to the characteristically controversial housemate, the show is a huge platform for her and she wouldn’t want to be disqualified from the show. 

This is coming after she was issued another strike for being rude and disrespectful to Biggie’s authority, Ebuka and also to the housemates. In the diary session, she had profusely apologized to Big Brother and Ebuka over her behaviour in the house.

In a Mood plus the ‘Froster Ship’ Upheaval

Esther was really sad about her team’s loss though she didn’t open any floodgates of tears, her mood wasn’t upbeat either. Esther told Frodd that she couldn’t just snap out of it. Obviously, her misery was looking for company but Frodd anticipated this and encouraged her to move on. Anyway, one thing for sure is that this tweet agrees that this is not a good time for Esther. With the ups and downs in their relationship, it’s time to examine where this ship is headed. So, with the ups and downs in Frodd and Esther’s camp one can’t help but reminisce about the chasing phase in the early part of their ‘situationship’.

Housemates-friends Mercy and Diane said they think Esther is acting and now playing the relationship card with Frodd in the house because she believes that’s the strategy that will keep her in the game. Well, that’s a plus for Frodd, strategy or not.

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