Association of Music Band Owners of Nigeria Inaugurates Executives

Association of Music Band Owners of Nigeria (AMBON) as a body is being unveiled to showcase the competent and versatile members in its fold and also position the group as a serious professional music group set out to make a difference and help the growth of Band members and owners across Nigeria. 

The association started in 2017 and has gradually been able to gain ground as a structure and model. Ambon has its members drawn from the Shuga band, Sharp band, Eboni band, Prudence band, Ayodel band, G – Notes, Faith band, SB Live, Heroes band, Zee Squad, Eagle band and Aristo band, Awesome Band, Rockers Band, Zion Band and Ariiya band and more.

The announcement of the new executives took place at Yellow Chili, Ikeja and had every member sworn in with witnesses from the press and invited guests. 

AMBON is keen to keep their goals alive and help grow the music band structure of Nigeria as efficiently as possible.

According to the newly elected President, Akin Shuga Tofowomo, “I think the business of love music will keep changing but music won’t. Music will be there, of course there will be modifications and a never ending blaze of trends.

 There will always be space in the space. I dream of the day Band owners will have their rightful place in the event industry of our nation.”

Some of the elected executives are Chief Gloria Ibru, Zubby Enebeli, Sammy Shodeke, Gracious James, Ayokeji Tuase, Dybayna Abraham, Lekan Ogunyinka, Biodun Batik Adebiyi and more.

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