NAS Awards Four Science Journalists

Ayodeji Ake

The Nigerian Academy of Science (NAS), has again awarded four journalists; two print and two broadcast journalists, for awesome science reportage.

Speaking at the eighth NAS Science Media Award Dinner, held in Lagos recently, the President NAS, Prof. Mosto Onuoha noted that the award was to celebrate journalists who have popularised science reportage.

He said: “We are here because we have people doing what they love to do and we are here to celebrate the journalists. We are celebrating a particular group of people who disseminate knowledge, which are those who report science.

“It’s important that people learn about science. It’s everything around us. It teaches us on the way to behave. If we have a way of appreciating science it is this way. I like to appreciate what our journalists do in reporting science.

“For us as an academy, one of the things we like to do is to popularise science. We are aware some of the journalists are funding themselves to report science. I also want to commend Vita Foam for their support and partnership with NAS because they know the importance of science.”

The Public Affairs Secretary, NAS, Prof. Olatunde Farombi added that the award in simple term was a way of promoting science reportage in the Nigerian media.

“We are over 40 years and this is one of the things we do to promote science reporting. The award is very important as we all know the role the press play in reporting things of public interest.

“This is the eighth edition. Several people have contested and have won. This edition was a very keen competition and at the end of the day we were able to get the winner. We also encourage journalists to key into this,” he said.

During her keynote speech on ‘Captivating Science Reporting in the 21st Century’, Editor, The Conversation Africa, Ms. Caroline Southey, encouraged journalists to educate the public by writing captivating stories of societal interest.

“Being a journalist comes with the good and bad. Through journalism, stakeholders are held accountable. A weak media opens the doors for abuse by those in media.

“To be employed as a journalist is a privilege. Journalists should maintain high levels of integrity. We have come to celebrate brilliant works in difficult circumstance,” she said.

As partner, the Managing Director, Vita Foam Nigeria Plc, Mr. Taiwo Adeniyi, commended NAS for the continuous promotion of science reportage.

“For us, we will continue to use science. We have tried from time to time to partner institutions all around the world to become relevant. Science has made it possible to do what we do in natural ways. We now have technologies that have added values to our lives.”

Winners of the awards are; journalists from print and broadcast media; Isaac Anyaogu of Business Day and Nkoli Omhoudu of Africa Independent Television (AIT) respectively.

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