Before Enugu Is Desecrated!

Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi

The rate at which suspected Fulani herdsmen are stomping the yard in Enugu State, maiming, raping, robbing and killing unsuspecting victims calls for urgent and affirmative response otherwise there is a gradual descent to ethnic strife in the state if the leaderships at both the state and federal governments do not come together as quickly as possible to tame the simmering menace.

From frequent attacks on commuters to killing catholic priests and now raping and killing women, the criminal herders appear to be having a field day with a mindset that they could get away with their criminal acts since they had not really faced any serious challenge in that environment.

Unfortunately, Enugu, in this dispensation has remained the one reference point in the whole of Southeast with focused leadership and progressive development that could challenge peer review. It was, no wonder, that of the many pre-2019 general election predictions, Enugu stood out with near accuracy.

Not only is Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of the state generally acknowledged to be focused and determined to change whatever unsavoury narratives he inherited, he has carried on without undue attention, minding his business and facing the business of governance strictly.

But to think the redeployment of police commissioners in the state in the lead up to the election is what has led Enugu to this ugly station says more about the preferences of the leadership within development context. As it is now, Enugu needs help and the federal government must step in, in collective interest.