Osinbajo Receives 2019 Elections Situation Room Report

Yemi Osinbajo

Sunday Okobi

The Presidential Support Committee (PSC) last Monday presented the 2019 election situation room report to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

The vice-president, who was represented by the APC National Legal Adviser, Babatunde Ogala, at the presentation, while receiving the situation room report in Abuja, said the All Progressives Congress (APC) would consolidate on the successes recorded at the just concluded 2019 general election.

He said the report would further assist the party in research and give them insight on why the election result came out as it is currently.

“They are documents that tried to catalog events and monitored how the elections went. They will aid us in research; they will aid us in a better understanding on why the election came out the way it did; they will aid us in planning for the future and in compiling data, so the use is enormous. We will review what is contained therein and it will help us view our past and prepare for the future,” Osinbajo added.

The Chairman of PSC, Ozi-Raji Bill Williams, in his remarks, said the report would also serve as evidence that President Muhammadu Buhari won the election.

“History has it that most times, when a thing is credible and fair, in most cases, such results are not welcomed, so we decided to go into monitoring and evaluation and the situation room to ensure that at the time judgment is pronounced and the opposition party says this is not right, we have something to present, and say by what we presented, these are facts in the field across the states and as such, nobody contends with proofs especially when the evidence are beyond facts.

“There were a lot if electoral malpractices, ballot snatching, killing of innocent souls, burning of electoral materials and so many others. The package itself is hilarious, and it cuts across not just presidential election, but the senatorial election in the 36 states.

“Initially, we were fought so badly not to allow these things come out, but today, you have seen the good works of the gallant people who made sacrifice to ensure that these evidences are incomparable, and it’s just what will give the party an edge.

“The APC won, but the opposition did everything they can do to sabotage, but like they said, there are grades that says excellent, credit, pass, and failure, my general assessment from the APC angle is that we were excellent in our grade and from the opposition, I think they have to re-seat,” he said.

Another official of PSC, Zainab Mohammed, said they used their structure in the 774 local government areas to carry out a thorough election monitoring down to the ward level.

According to her, “Monitoring and evaluation of the just concluded general election was exhausting, interesting and worth it. It was done with passion and zeal without looking at what we are out there to gain, or without money from anyone, but we did it because we believe in the re-election of President Buhari because of his values and ideology to move the nation forward.

“What you are seeing today is the report from the 36 states of the federation and the FCT of all the situation rooms during the just concluded general election, so we are handing over all the reports collected from the whole states during the situation room monitoring situation.

“We have structures in all the 774 local government areas down to the ward level, and we have over 10 staff per ward to ensure that we are doing the right thing.”