Ayo Fayose – Are You Still There?

Ayodele Fayose

Mbok the original revolution man has been quiet for too long o. Or does this have anything to do with his ongoing case? Whatever the case is we are missing you o. Even if for nothing else, the constant drama and theatrics that come with your politics. Who can ever forget the T-shirt – ‘EFCC I Am Here’ and the so many acrobatic displays that kept the political environment alive? Today we have only Dino Melaye playing in that space and even that one sef has limited himself to Kogi where he is trying to be governor.

Hope no problem my brother, as a neighbour when I even jog pass your house everything is quiet even the flag that used to fly is now torn and droopy. You should be talking small small even if not as loud as before make you no annoy the judge, just a little quip once in a while so that we can laugh small. Pele Egbon Mi. it will be well